Diva in a Day

25 February 2012

We kicked off our 2012 programme with Diva in a Day giving participants a chance to feel the exhilaration of unleashing the natural power of their voices.

Opera is created when sung music is dramatised and brought to life on the stage. The result is powerful, emotional and exciting for participants and audience alike. The workshop drew on the skills of the opera world to explore operatic choral singing.

Artistic Director Alison Barton and visiting Chorus Master Alan Craig guided singers through a selection of popular operatic choruses and participants received operatic vocal coaching and stylistic training.

Alison Barton is a professional opera singer with 30 years' performing experience on the concert platform and operatic stage. Her work has been broadcast nationally and internationally and has been commercially recorded. She is also in demand as a vocal coach, having helped voices to succeed all over the UK and in Europe.

Alan Craig is Director of Music at Glasgow’s Langside College and an experienced musical director, composer and arranger of classical vocal music and music for the theatre. Alan is a popular tutor with Opera Sunderland participants.

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