Tyne and Wear High Sheriff Award 2014

27 March 2014

Hannah and Courtney receiving the High Sheriff's Award 2014

Tyne & Wear High Sheriff Youth Award
March 2014

We’re delighted to have received a Tyne & Wear High Sheriff Youth Award, which recognises local organisations who work to engage young people in healthy, constructive and interesting activities.

We're thrilled to have been selected for an award, which we see as recognition of the dedication and hard work that our performers, staff and supporters give to our activities, so THANK YOU!

And thank you to Hannah and Courtney, who represented us at the award ceremony organised by the Community Foundation, held at the Centre for Life on 27 March 2014. They received the award from Tyne & Wear High Sheriff, Mr. George Scott, and as you can see, they did us proud!