The Experience of a Lifetime

Opera is for Everyone

We make opera available, attractive and accessible for all. We do this by creating exciting opportunities for you to experience opera as participants, performers and audience members.

We engage people of all ages

We encourage people of all abilities

We unite people through opera

"A complete privilege. Being part of a totally original piece of work, being coached, mentored, cajoled, encouraged by a massive team of high quality professionals is such a thrill."

Sandra, Sunderland

"It was life enhancing – the best thing I’ve done all year."

Pauline, Sunderland

Opera: did you know?

Opera creates exhilarating experiences through its perfect fusion of music, singing, acting, staging and design.

Opera is storytelling through music. It is the stuff of life; love, death, loss, passion, joy, anger.

What audiences experience is only the tip of an iceberg; the culmination of months of rehearsals, training, preparation, dedication, professionalism and creativity from all| involved.